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Start-up Services

For businesses that are starting up, we offer cost-effective services for start-ups.  Whether you're raising a Series A led by a VC or incorporating a company for your side hustle, we can help.  

Start-up Services

We structure your business correctly from the beginning; letting you focus on building your business.  Fixed fees available for many of our Start-up Services, which includes: 

  • incorporations; 

  • shareholders' agreements 

  • partnership agreements;

  • joint ventures; 

  • independent contractor agreements; 

  • SAFEs (simple agreement for future equity); and

  • convertible loans. 


Forming a company to start your business off on the right foot.  

Shareholders' Agreements

Preparing shareholders' agreement that address what the business is today and addresses where the business will be tomorrow.  

Partnerships & JVs

If your business is partnering with others for a particular project, we effectively structure joint venture agreements to keep the partners rowing in the same direction.  

Independent Contractor Agreements

Practical independent contractor agreements that you can use, and advice about the reality of whether your independent contractors are, actually, independent contractors.  

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