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M&A and Business Sale Services

Experience counts when you're closing a transaction, and we have the experience that's needed to get the deal across the line.  

We provide practical legal advice whether you're buying or selling a private business.  


For business owners selling their business and owners acquiring a business, we offer practical, experienced advice.  Fixed fee engagements and risk-sharing fee structures are offered.  

Examples of M&A services include:

  • share purchase agreements; 

  • asset purchase agreements; 

  • minority shareholder independent legal advice; 

  • legal due diligence; and

  • amalgamations.  

Sale Prep' Services

If you're thinking of selling your business, one of the best investments you can make is getting prepared for the sale.  We provide fixed-fee and contingent fee based services when you're getting prepared to sell your business.  

Purchase Agreements

Practical and efficient legal advice and documents when buying or selling a business.  We guide buyers and sellers through the complex and esoteric process of buying and selling a business.  

Minority Shareholder Representation

As a minority shareholder you need practical, cost-effective advice when the majority shareholders are looking to sell.  

Business Combinations

Combining two businesses can get the combined business to the next level and create value for everyone involved.  We work with your tax advisors to structure the business combination in a way that positions the combined business for future success and limits conflict.  

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