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Services for Operating Businesses

We offer a wide range of business law services, including those noted below, for operating businesses.  

Select Services for Operating Businesses

For businesses that are successfully operating, we offer commercial legal advice like: 

  • fractional general counsel services;

  • purchase and sale agreements; 

  • purchase order terms and conditions; 

  • distribution agreements; 

  • outsourcing agreements;  

  • supply agreements; 

  • tax deferred roll-overs;

  • amalgamations; 

  • advice to boards of directors; 

  • license agreements; 

  • lease agreements; 

  • confidentiality agreements; 

  • request for proposals (RFP); and

  • lending and borrowing.  

Fractional GC Services

For businesses that are growing and are considering hiring an in-house lawyer at some point in the future, we offer fractional general counsel services.  You can bring on a general counsel with a commitment of as little as 5 hours a month for six months. 

Commercial Agreements

For businesses that sell high-value products or need template agreements - purchase and sale agreements, distribution agreements, outsourcing agreements, supply agreements - that they can put into use, we have almost a decade of experience providing businesses with practical documents and negotiating strategies that can be implemented.  

Tax-Driven Restructurings

With direction from your tax advisors, we efficiently implement tax driven transactions and restructurings.   


Providing tailored legal advice for businesses responding to requests for proposals, requests for information, and similar processes.  

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